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Commercial Heavy Duty Floor Mounted Door Stop – Our Best

We sell a lot of floor mounted door stops, but one door stop I have been pushing for the past 24 years is our part number RB540.  The door stop is simply the best, it will stop a snow plow!   While maybe not, but it is extremely heavy duty and the only way to ruin it is to hit it with a snow plow!   The door stop is 3″ in diameter and 2″ high, and is made of a black rubber bushing.   The heavy duty door stop is held in place by a 4-1/2″ long by 1/2″ diameter steel lag bolt, with a lead expansion shield, all included with the door stop.  This 4-1/2″ long steel lag bolt holds the rubber bushing in place making it extremely heavy duty for the heaviest doors.  The last piece is the cap, that is brushed chrome that goes over the lag bolt that give that finished look.  The door stop can be ordered on our website.

The best floor mounted door stop

The above picture shows the 3″ diameter x 2″ high floor mounted door stop, with the 4-1/2″ lag bolt and brushed chrome cap.

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One comment on “Commercial Heavy Duty Floor Mounted Door Stop – Our Best
  1. Tom Keegan says:

    I’m looking for a very heavy duty door stop with a hook on top to hold the door open when needed. I will be installing on a tile floor.

    Can you recommend one?

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