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We now have a separate category dedicated to door coordinators

We now have a separate category dedicated to door coordinators. Door Coordinators are devices that allow one door to close before the other door in double door applications without a centerpost.  On fire doors there is usually an astragal on one of the doors – if that door closes first, the other door will not close, so you use a Door Coordinator.

There are two types of Coordinators: Mechanical and Gravity. The Mechanical Coordinator is an enclosed channel that has two fingers that stick out. The one finger holds the door open and the other finger is the trigger. The channel mounts on the top of the door on the jamb stop.

The second type of Door Coordinator is the Gravity Type Door Coordinator. This coordinator is mounted on the door frame between the two doors. We stock both the COR7G and COR9G gravity door coordinators.

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