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The reasons to use the LCN 4040XP Rw/PA

The reasons to use the LCN 4040XP Rw/PA. Five years ago, LCN did a major redesign on the tried and true LCN 4040 Rw/PA Super Smoothee door closer. What they came up with was the Made in the USA, LCN 4040XP Rw/PA, eXtra Protection Door Closer. They came up with the 4040XP because of the influx of imported copies of the LCN 4040. These other companies were marketing there door closers as the same hole spacing as the LCN 4040 and stating they were just as good, they were not, but that is just an opinion. LCN had to make a statement, and boy did they ever. The new LCN 4040XP still has the same footprint, template, of the older LCN 4040, and the arms have not changed.

LCN 4040XP Rw/PA

This is the new LCN 4040XP Rw/PA Door Closer

The 4040XP Rw/PA is LCN’s most durable and flexible heavy duty surface mounted closer, designed for institutional and other demanding high traffic applications. The LCN 4040XP Rw/PA sets a new standard for reliability, longevity and value with a better design and extraordinary performance testing that goes far beyond industry requirements. They built the 4040XP from the inside out, combining tougher, bolder construction with proven LCN technology. The result is a closer that’s stronger, smarter and delivers remarkable value in a variety of applications.

The patented green dial on the LCN 4040XP Rw/PA makes spring adjustments fast, easy and foolproof. The all-weather fluid reduces maintenance and ensures consistent performance through every season. High-traffic doors call for heavy-duty closers – closers that won’t let you down no matter how many people go through the door or how hard they kick, push or slam against it, or in the case of public schools the dreaded flying kung-fu kick. And when it comes to heavy-duty closers, no other closer performs like the LCN 4040XP Rw/PA.

The LCN 4040XP Rw/PA features cast iron construction, forged steel arm, double heat treated steel pinion, non-handed, LCN® “Green Dial” spring force indicator, Peel-n-Stick templates, UL and cUL Listed, 3⁄4″ journal diameter pinion, full compliment bearing, and tested and certified under ANSI standard A156.4, Grade 1.

LCN Green Dial

Power adjustment Green Dial for the LCN 4040XP Rw/PA

Cast iron construction is a benefit most door closers do not have, most door closers are made of cast aluminum. Cast iron will not wear out like cast aluminum will. The forged steel arm, just means the chances of it bending or breaking are diminished. Forging the arm increases the surface strength of the metal. Double heat treating the steel pinion means the pinion is less likely to drop a tooth. Heat treating increases the surface strength of the gears on the pinion. The pinion on the LCN 4040XP Rw/PAis also 3/4” diameter, which is one of the largest diameters in the industry. The larger the diameter the lower the stress on the pinion teeth. All of this relates to a 44% increase in the Bearing Load capacity. The cylinder also incorporates the New V-shield seal, which should lead to a 20% longer seal life on he Spindle and Adjustment valve seals.

The LCN 4040XP Rw/PA cylinder is non handed, which means it will work on a right or left hand door, you only have to stock one closer, instead of two if you want to have a back up. The LCN 4040XP Rw/PA can be mounted on the push (parallel arm), pull (regular arm) or on the top jamb. The LCN Green Dial is how you adjust the power of the spring. In the old days, 20-30 years ago, you would need a door closer for a 36” interior door and a 36” exterior door. By turning the Green Dial you have the flexibility to use this closer on an ADA door, low resistance, or a 48” exterior door. The LCN 4040XP Rw/PA is designed for use on interior doors to 60” wide, and exterior doors up to 48” wide. This door closer also ships with Peel-n-Stick templates. This is very helpful in new applications, all you do is Peel and Stick the template to the door or door frame and you know exactly were to drill the mounting holes.

LCN 4040XP-3077 Regular Arm

This is the arm used on the LCN 4040XP Rw/PA

The LCN 4040XP Rw/PA also has adjustments for closing speed, latching speed and back check. Closing speed is the amount of time it takes the door to go from 75 degrees of opening to the last 15 degrees. Latching speed covers the last 15 degrees of closing, so the door does not slam into the frame and create that crashing noise. Back Check controls the amount of resistant the closer offers if it is caught in a strong exterior wind, or the dreaded flying kung-fu kick.

The UL and cUL certification labels tell us they are tested to the highest standards and meet the Underwriter Laboratories specifications, for non hold open door closers. Grade 1 means it has been vigorously tested for 10 million cycles, opening and closing.

Another great thing about the LCN 4040XP Rw/PA is the availability of replacement parts. All of the LCN Door Closers have parts break downs available. If for some reason the painters lose a cover, we would have them in stock! If your arm rod and shoe break we also have those on the shelf.

We stock and ship the LCN 4040XP Rw/PA, which is the non sized adjustable version of the 4040XP, and the Rw/PA means Regular Arm with Parallel Arm Bracket. The closer comes complete with cylinder plastic cover, regular arm, parallel arm bracket, and self reaming and tapping screws.

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