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Sargent 250 door closer, you can replace it with the Sargent 281

If you have an older Sargent 250 door closer they have  been replaced by the Sargent 281.  In the 1990′s Sargent discontinued the 250, but they came out the Sargent 281 Door Closers.  The 281′s will work in place of the 250 without having to re drill holes, or change the templating (closer placement on the door).  The 280 was a door closer that worked larger exterior doors and had more power in the spring.   The 281 was for interior doors and was ADA compatible, due to the smaller spring.  In the last few years they have modified the closer and now is it just known as the 281, which will cover all doors, and can be adjusted to be ADA compliant.  The hole spacing on the 281 is 1″ x 10-3/8″ or 2-3/8″ x 8″ on center.  This door closer is sent out Tri-Packed, which means it will work on the push, pull or top jamb, and is non handed (will work on left or right hand doors).  This closer also offers a 25 year warranty.   The 281 Sargent Door Closer can be ordered on our website.  We also offer replacement arms and brackets.

Sargent 250 Door Closure has been replaced by the 281

The image of above is the Sargent 281 Door Closer, it will replace the 250 without having to re drill holes.

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