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Residential Door Closers – What you should know

We have a lot of people call looking a residential door closer.  Most of the door closers we sell are commercial grade door closers, which might be to stiff for light weight residential use.  One of the easiest options is to order a non sized door closer, which means you can adjust the spring tension.  If the spring tension is to stiff on a residential door closer the door will twist and be difficult to open when you try and open it.  By using an adjustable spring door closer, you can turn the spring tension down to less than 8 pounds of resistance, this makes opening the door a lot easier.  The door closer we really like is the International Door Closer 8051P, it features an adjustable spring tension, latch speed, closing speed and back check.  Door closers are also some times called door cheks, or door checks.

Good residential door closer

The International Door Closer 8051P makes an ideal residential door closer.

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