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Replacement door closers do not have to be expensive

Replacement door closers do not have to be expensive, many of the name brand door closers now have replacement door closers made by other manufactures at half the price.   Over the last 30 years we have seen many door closer companies make replacement door closers with the same foot print (hole spacing) as the original manufacture.  For instance, the Norton Door Closer 1601 came out in the late 1960’s, today we have about 10 manufactures who make the same foot printed door closer at half the price.  Another one that comes to mind is the LCN Door Closer 4041XP.  On our Commercial Door Closer Hardware website, many of the products we have alternatives at the bottom of the individual product pages, under (“you may also be interested in the following products”).  Another way to find a replacement would be to visit our Door Closer Information web page and match up your door closer hole spacing, and look at the other products out there that will work in place of your door closer.  All of this can be found on our Commercial Door Closer Website, or you can always call or email our door closer experts.

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Replacement door closers do not have to be expensive
How to find replacement door closers at half the price.
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