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Norton door closer model 20-1624-4001

We have customers calling with this 20-1624-4001 number usually about 3 times a month.   They are finding this number on the bottom of the door closer, usually on the back of the closer, so the only way to find it, is to take it off the door.   The number is telling us you have a Norton Door Closer 1600 (1600), new style (1624), with a size 4 (1624) .  The Norton Door Closer we send will work in place of it, but it will have an adjustable spring, with a hole spacing of 3/4″ x 9-1/16″.  Below are some of the different numbers we find and what should be purchased, just follow the link.
20-1623-4001  3/4″ x 9-1/16″ hole spacing
20-1603-4001  Not Available use this closer 3/4″ x 8-3/16″ hole spacing
20-1602-4001 Not Available use this closer 3/4″ x 8-3/16″ hole spacing

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2 comments on “Norton door closer model 20-1624-4001
  1. Billy Haines says:

    Yes, I took the closer off the door and the numbers I found are 1624-4001 .. I’m looking for one to take its place if possible.

    Thanks so much !!

    Billy Haines
    B & M Painting Inc.

    • rbaadmin says:

      The number 1624-4001 is telling me you have a Norton 1600 New Style Size 4. We have replaced this with the Norton 1601, which will have the same hole spacing and template. This can be found on our website @ Norton Door Closer 1601

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