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LCN Sentronic 4110SE arms are still available and online

The discontinued LCN Sentronic 4110SE arms are still available, and we now have them online.  The 4110SE was discontinued in the late 1990′s, but a little known fact is LCN will still make them.


The LCN Sentronic 4110SE-3077T Arm

The LCN Sentronic 4110SE was the precursor to the 4040SE. The problem with the 4110SE was that it was handed, meaning you had to select right or left hand. It could also only be mounted on the push side of the door. And the last draw back on the 4110SE was that they did not offer an adjustable spring tension model, you had to select the door closer spring to fit your door. 

They are offed in Aluminum and Dark Bronze, but we could also order them in the Statuary, and Brass finishes if you would like.   If you have an older model 4110SE, and are having issues with it holding the door open, you can replace the track with the 4040-3038 LCN Sentronic Track Assembly, and that will solve that problem.  The 4110SE arms are very similar to the 4040 Arms, but the hole in the arm were it attaches to the hydraulic spindle are a different shape.  Some of the numbers you might find on your door closer for this part are 4113SE, 4114SE, 4115SE and 4116SE.  If you are having issues with your older 4110SE Sentronic Door Closer call or email our door closer experts

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LCN Sentronic 4110SE arms are still available and online
How to replace discontinued LCN Sentronic 4110SE arms.
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