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LCN Sentronic 4110SE and 4010SE replacement parts.

If you have an older 4110SE or 4010SE LCN Sentronic door closer we have, or can order most of the replacement parts.   If you have a burnt out solenoid, you can replace it with the new version 4040SE-3038 Track Assembly.   If your arm is broken, you will have to call us with the Model number you have, and the handle of the door closer.   The lead time is about 2 weeks, but LCN will still make them for us.  Some of the numbers you might find on your door closer is 4113SE, 4114SE, 4115SE, 4013SE, 4014SE and 4015SE.

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6 comments on “LCN Sentronic 4110SE and 4010SE replacement parts.
  1. bob treptow says:

    Need replacement sol. for a older sentronic 4010/4110 SED

    • rbaadmin says:

      The 4010/4110SED’s are no longer made. The SED’s were LCN Sentronic Closers with a Smoke Detector built in. LCN has never sold the Solenoids, but sell the Track Assemblies with the Solenoids built in them. The only thing we can do is sell you an SE Track Assembly, 4040SE-3038, and they you would have to wire it into your fire alarm system.

  2. Ellen says:

    I am looking for a solenoid part 196032 that came from a 4110SE-170-24

    Do you sell those individual?

  3. Daniel Jeffs says:

    I need some specs on your suggested replacement for 4110se-170-24.

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