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LCN Door Closer Regular Arm 3077 are now online and in stock

We now have the LCN Door Closer Regular Arm 4040-3077, 4010-3077, 1460-3077 and  1260-3077 in stock and online.  This is the arm that comes with the standard LCN door closers, 1261, 1461, 4011, and 4041XP.  We can get most any LCN Door Closer part, you just might have to call or email us for more information.  The LCN Door Closer arm features an adjustable rod and shoe so you can adjust the length of the arm.  The size and shape of the shaft fitting, the piece that sticks out of the hydraulic cylinder, are different on the the closers, so you will have to specify which closer you have.  If you are looking for a arm on a different model door closer, call or email and let one of our LCN Door Closer Experts find the correct arm for you.

LCN Door Closer Replacement Regular Arm

The image above is the LCN Door Closer Regular Arm 1260-3077, 1460-3077, 4010-3077, 4040-3077 and 4040XP-3077

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