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LCN 4040SE Sentronic Door Closer, Fire Door Closing System

The LCN 4040SE is a heavy duty, non handed, non sized door closer designed for interior fire doors.   This door closer is wired into your fire alarm system, so that when the fire alarm goes off, or the power is disrupted, the door closes.   The door closer is designed for use on the push or pull side, with the door closer cylinder mounted on the door.  One cylinder, or closer will work in left, right, push or pull mounting.   The only thing you have to specify when you order this door closer is the color and the voltage of the solenoid.   Another selling feature of the LCN 4040SE are the ability to get replacement parts.  We currently stock the replacement tracks, rollers, arms and covers for this closer.  If you have any questions on this door closer, call or email our Door Closer Experts.

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LCN 4040SE Sentronic Door Closer, Fire Door Closing System
A brief description of the LCN 4040SE Sentronic Door Closer for Fire Doors.
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