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International Door Closer 8052TP/8052P Delayed Action Door Closer

Please note: The 8052P and the 8052TP are functionally identical door closers.

The International Door Closer 8052P Delayed Action Door Closer is a closer that will keep your door open an extra 30 seconds, so you can come in or go out without being knocked over by the door!  This International Door Closer has an extra Adjustment Valve that stalls the closing of the door so you can egress or enter your building.  This closer is ideal for apartment buildings, schools, pre-schools, and churches, were elderly or children are coming and going.  This International Door Closer 8052P is non handed (can go on left or right hand doors), and can be mounted on the push, pull or top jamb.  This door closer ships with the parallel arm bracket, arm and mounting screws.  If you have any questions on this International Door Closer or any other door closer, please call or email and speak with our door closer experts.

Delayed Action Door Closer

The above image is of the International Door Closer 8052P Delayed Action Closer

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