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Inexpensive door stop when floor and wall stops will not work

One problem we see often is wind catching doors and throwing them open, causing damage to the hinges and door frame.  Our first thought is usually increasing the back check on the door closer, or a floor or wall mounted bumper.  The first thought is still correct, but sometimes you have applications were you can not do that.  That is when I recommend the Crash Chain Door Stop.  The Ives CS115 Crash Chain Door Stop is a heavy duty chain with heavy duty springs on both ends, which is wrapped in a leatherette (faux leather) cover.   By mounting the Crash Chain to the door and the door frame, you can stop the door before the hinges, and door closer arm get ripped off the door.  They come in 3 sizes, 20-1/2″, 25-1/2″ and 30-1/2″, so you can work around the placement of your existing door closer.  What I recommend you do is take a string, and see where you can fit a 20-1/2″, 25-1/2″ or 30-1/2″ length that will not interfere with your door closer.  We have had this product on our front door for the past 18 years, and it has worked great!

Crash Chain Door Stop

The image above is the Ives Crash Chain Door Stop CS115.

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