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Falcon SC71 Door Closer

The Falcon SC71 Door Closer, uncompromising performance at a compromised price. Falcon SC71 door closer are heavy duty, and are built for applications that demand a reliable door control, easy maintenance and deliver tough performance. The Falcon SC71 is for use on interior or exterior doors in retail shops, restaurants, small offices and many other high traffic applications.

Falcon SC71 Door Closer

The Falcon SC71 Door Closer with cover in aluminum

The Falcon SC71 Door Closer is Grade 1, ADA compliant, UL Listed. A Grade 1 door closer is a closer that is tested to 2,000,000 cycles, Grade 1 is the highest rated door closer available. An ADA compliant door closer is a door closer that meets the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. These requirement usually mean the closer can be adjusted to offer less than 5 to 8 pounds of force to open the door. Less resistances is ideal for the elderly, handicapped and pre school aged children. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a government-approved company that carries out testing and certification to ensure products meet safety specifications. These standards are based on probable hazards associated with the product.

The Falcon SC71 door closer features an aluminum one piece casting with an 1-1/2″ diameter piston that is forged and heat treated. The benefit of a one piece casting is there are less opportunities for fluid to leak out, which would cause the closer to slam shut. The larger the piston, the lower the stress per square inch on the piston surface. The piston is also a forged part that is heat treated for greater strength and longevity. The pinion gear is double heat treated and the adjusting valves are staked. Double heat treating increases the surface strength of the gear. The pinion gear is what the arm attaches to, and connects the power of the spring to close the door. The adjusting valves are staked, which means when they are installed they are pressed into place, creating a tight valve seat. The tighter the valve seat, the lower the likelihood of oil leaking from the door closer.

The Falcon SC71 Door Closer has 4 and some times 5 adjustments. The first valve is the Latching Speed, with is the control over the last 7 to 10 degrees of closing. The second valve is the Main Speed, which controls the closer from about 70 degrees to the last 10 degrees of closing. The third valve is the Back Check valve, which controls the from 70 degrees and beyond, and is designed to slow the door if a gust of wind catches it. The fourth valve is the power adjustment. The power adjustment is so you can adjust the spring tension, for this door closer you can make the closer ADA Compliant, or increase the tension the full 9 turns for a 48″ exterior door. You can order this door closer with a fifth valve, and that would be the Delayed Action Valve. Delayed Action will hold the door in the 100 to 70 degree range for a specified amount of time so the handicap or elderly can make it through the door. In the below diagram the adjustment valves are on the back top of the closer.

Falcon SC71 Door Closer Cylinder

The Falcon SC71 Door Closer cylinder

The Falcon SC71 is also an non-handed door closer and can mount three ways. A non-handed door closer will work on a left or right hand door. This door closer can also be mounted Regular Arm (pull side), Top Jamb (cylinder on the top rail) or Parallel Arm (push side). This is ideal for institutions that need to keep a door closer or two in stock. One door closer will cover a wider range of installations.

We stock the Falcon SC71 Door Closer with the regular arm and parallel arm brackets, also known as SC71Rw/PA in the Aluminum (689) or Dark Bronze finishes (695). But this door closer is also available with the 9 other arm options. These include Hold Open, Extra Duty Arms, and Dead Stop Arms. And two other optional finishes, Matte Black (622) and Brass (696), all of the finishes are painted finishes.

Falcon sc70-3077 Regular Arm

The standard regular arm that ships with most Falcon SC71 Door Closers

Falcon SC71 Door Closer

The available finished on the Falcon SC71 Door Closer

The Falcon SC71 Door Closer uses a standard template, meaning the hole spacing on this door closer is used quite a few other door closers. The SC71 uses the same templating as the Norton Apollo Door Closer 7500, Yale Door Closer 4400, and the new LCN 4050 Rw/PA Door Closer. In all these cases the SC71 is almost $100.00 less expensive.

Before 2008 the Falcon SC71 Door Closer was known as the Dor-o-Matic SC71 Door Closer. They are not different door closer, they are the same. 2008 Ingersoll-Rand moved the Dor-o-Matic and Monarch name plates, and put them under the Falcon name plate. In 2014, they changed again, but they just rename the holding or parent company to Allegion from Ingersoll-Rand. The Falcon SC71 is sometimes called the Falcon SC70. The SC70 is the series name, of which the SC71 falls under that title. The SC71 just means the door closer has a fully adjustable spring tension and is ADA Compliant.

Installation of the Falcon SC71 Door Closer is simple. All of the screws and hardware are included the box. You simply tape the installation card on the door, and drill where and “X” is. The instructions are easy to read and on sturdy paper, not the inexpensive instructions we see on some of the imported door closers. And to make it easier, they even have an installation video shown below:

As you can see the Falcon SC71 Door Closer is a great valve, Grade 1, Non-Handed, Adjustable, and ADA Compliant. And has many options that you would only expect in the more expensive door closers.

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