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3/4″ by 9-1/16″ door closer hole spacing is the most common

The hole spacing 3/4″ by 9-1/16″ is the most common hole spacing for a door closer.  Back in the late 1960’s early 1970’s Norton Door Controls made a door closer called the Norton 1600, which was used extensively on aluminum framed glass storefront doors.   The hole spacing was 3/4″ by 9-1/16″, by the 1980’s the patent had expired and everyone went out and made a door closer with that hole spacing for replacement and new installations.  Today, I do not think there is a Door Closer manufacture that does not make that hole spacing.  Our choice for a replacement is the International Door Closer 8051P, which is a non sized, non handed door closer.  It offers a 5 year warranty, and can be mounted on the push, pull or top jamb of the door, and is relatively inexpensive, $77.00 ea.  This door closer will work in interior or exterior doors, and will meet ADA codes.  If you have questions on this door closer or any other door closer, please call or email our Door Closer Experts.

International Door Closer 8050 Series

the above image is of the International Door Closer 8051P

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