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Whisper Glide Adhesive is now available separately

We are now stocking the Whisper Glide Contact Adhesive.  After selling tens of thousands of Whisper Glides to schools and institutions around the country, one of the most asked questions on this product was, can we order just the adhesive, it is the best glue we have used!  We have had it in stock for the past few years and just got it up on our website today.  Each tube of Whisper Glide Contact Adhesive is 3.8 fluid ounces.  The Whisper Glide Adhesive can be ordered on our website.  If you have any questions on this product or any other Chair Glide Product, call or email our Chair Glide Experts.

Whisper Glide Glue

The above image is of the Whisper Glide Contact Adhesive

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