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We just added 4 new Nylon Glide Caps for Floor Protection

We just added 4 new Nylon Glide Caps for Floor Protection, in an effort increase our product offering in this area.  These 4 Nylon Glide Caps will fit all of the glides in our SGR Series of Chair Glides.   SGR stands for Swivel Glide Round tubing chair glides, which are used in just about any school or classroom in America.  The 4 Nylon Glide Caps we are offering are the Non Skid Glide Cap, Felt Based Glide Cap, Smooth Bottom Glide Cap, and the Floor Saver Glide Cap.  The Non Skid Glide Cap is a Nylon Glide Cap that has a rubber base so your chairs will not slide across the floor.  The Felt Based Glide Cap has a felt bottom, which will slide easily across the floor while preventing scratching.  The Smooth Bottom Glide Cap is a nylon glide cap that has a smooth nylon bottom.   And the last one is the Floor Saver Glide Cap, this glide has ring molded in to the cap to push the dirt away has it slides across the floor.  The logic being that the dirt will not get under the ring and prevent scratching of your floor.  Any of these or our other Protective Chair Tips will greatly reduce the schools maintenance costs.  This product and other floor protection chair tips can be found on the Protective Chair Tips section of our website.

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