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Swivel glide removal tool eases removal of classroom glides

We have a product on our website that really helps in the removal of classroom chair, desk and table glides.  The removal tool is called the Swivel Glide Removal Tool, or Swivel Glide Puller, The tool measures 12″ long and weighs 1.5 pounds.  We really recommend this tool if you are removing more than 200 chair glides.  To use this tool, place the “V” shaped end on the chair glide while holding the knurled end.  Then tap with a mallet or hammer, the chair glide will come out, some more easily then others, but they will come out.  Another method would be to use a pair of pliers or channel locks.  Grip the swivel classroom glide and tap with a mallet or hammer.

Chair Tip Revoval Tool

On the above image, use the V side of the tool on the chair glide while holding the knurled end, than tap with a hammer, Chair Glide Removal Tool

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