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Stop metal chair legs from breaking through rubber tips

Do you have the problem of your metal chair legs breaking through the rubber chair tips and scratching the floor?  If you have this problem, we have a very easy solution.  We sell in a package, a metal chair tip and a rubber chair tip, by installing the metal tube cap first and putting the rubber chair tip over the top you are able to displace the weight of the chair over the whole bottom of the rubber chair tip.   And the beauty is, when they do wear out, the metal tube cap is rounded, so you floors should not be scratched.  The are offering this solution in 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″ and 1″ outside diameter measurements.  They are currently on our website under “Rubber Chair Tips” and then Reinforced Rubber Chair Tips 5/8“, Reinforced Rubber Chair Tips 3/4″Reinforced Rubber Chair Tips 7/8″ and Reinforced Rubber Chair Tips 1″.

Reinforced Rubber Chair Feet

The image above is what comes in the Reinforced Rubber Chair Tips Package

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