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Yearly Archives: 2018

Why Won’t My Window Stay Open? – Step by Step Repair Instructions

Double- and single- hung windows are held open by “window balances”, also known as “sash supports”. When a sash support is not functioning properly, your window will not stay open—when opened, it’ll just fall back to the closed position. This

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Door Closer Repair

A commercial door closer is an installed hardware device that creates a vacuum. This vacuum pulls the connector arm back, which closes a door after it’s been opened. Door closers can be used for commercial doors and residential doors but

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Beginner’s Guide to Installing Bathroom Partitions

This guide will go over how to install bathroom partitions, also known as toilet partitions. To put it simply, toilet partitions are used in public bathrooms to ensure privacy between the stalls. Toilet partitions are used mostly commercially, like in

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