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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Bathroom Partition Panel Bracket Kit

The Bathroom Partition Panel Bracket Kit, we have seen the light. We used to sell Bathroom Partition Panel Brackets individually, and we still do, but now we offer the Bathroom Partition Panel Bracket Kit. Purchasing these packages is now just

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Door Closer Slamming-We Can Help

Is your Door Closer slamming? If it is we can help. They usually slam for a couple of reasons. The first being they are out of adjustment, either by wear and tear, or environmental issues. The second reason is due

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Scranton Products – Worry Free Partitions

Scranton Products are designed to be Worry Free Partitions. You may have seen their slogan on their slide bolt latches, “Scranton Products: Designed to be Worry Free”. They are more popularly known as Hiny Hiders, Eclipse, or Resistall Bathroom Stall

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