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Panic Hardware Requirements And Codes: The Basics

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A common query is whether exterior doors to a building will require the installation of a panic device. Whether you’re working on a school, a high-hazard occupancy, a place of assembly, or another facility, determining the panic hardware requirements for

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How To Undo One-Way Screws With A One-Way Screw Remover Tool

We often get the question, “How do you remove one-way screws from toilet partitions and other hardware?” If you were the person who originally installed the one-way screw, you probably thought you would never have to unscrew it. It is

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Why Won’t My Window Stay Open? – Step by Step Repair Instructions

Double- and single- hung windows are held open by “window balances”, also known as “sash supports”. When a sash support is not functioning properly, your window will not stay open—when opened, it’ll just fall back to the closed position. This

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Door Closer Repair

A commercial door closer is an installed hardware device that creates a vacuum. This vacuum pulls the connector arm back, which closes a door after it’s been opened. Door closers can be used for commercial doors and residential doors but

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Beginner’s Guide to Installing Bathroom Partitions

This guide will go over how to install bathroom partitions, also known as toilet partitions. To put it simply, toilet partitions are used in public bathrooms to ensure privacy between the stalls. Toilet partitions are used mostly commercially, like in

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Bathroom Partition Panel Bracket Kit

The Bathroom Partition Panel Bracket Kit, we have seen the light. We used to sell Bathroom Partition Panel Brackets individually, and we still do, but now we offer the Bathroom Partition Panel Bracket Kit. Purchasing these packages is now just

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Door Closer Slamming-We Can Help

Is your Door Closer slamming? If it is we can help. They usually slam for a couple of reasons. The first being they are out of adjustment, either by wear and tear, or environmental issues. The second reason is due

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Scranton Products – Worry Free Partitions

Scranton Products are designed to be Worry Free Partitions. You may have seen their slogan on their slide bolt latches, “Scranton Products: Designed to be Worry Free”. They are more popularly known as Hiny Hiders, Eclipse, or Resistall Bathroom Stall

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Bathroom Stall Door user guide

We sell many components for Bathroom Stalls, and we are often asked the same questions. So, we have put together a Bathroom Stall Door User Guide. We will cover materials, hardware, and constructions methods. We find six major materials used

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Hadrian Bathroom Stalls and Partitions

Hadrian Bathroom Stalls and Partitions are on one of the best products in the toilet partition industry. Because they only produce powder coated steel, stainless steel and solid plastic restroom stalls, they are able to focus all energy to manufacture

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